Making a Will


Making a Will - Independent Financial Advisors

Everyone’s worst nightmare!

If you are organising your affairs it is essential that you make a will.  An estimated two thirds of people in Northern Ireland haven’t made a will, perhaps believing that it is only something the wealthy need to take care of.

Most of us have some assets such as money in a bank account, pensions or equity in our house, but many people don’t realise that if we die without making a will, the state will decide how these are distributed.  By taking the time to decide who you want to receive your assets you can look after your loved ones, avoid inheritance tax and perhaps avoid family disagreements.

And what about the most valuable things in the world…our children?  Although it is not a pleasant conversation to have it is vital that parents decide upon who will make the key decisions for their children in the event of death.

Hughes Financial Services offer the full estate planning service, which is why we have teamed up with Stewarts Solicitors who can write your will on preferential terms.   They are a local firm committed to offering a friendly and professional service and will guide you every step of the way. With over 100 years experience in this field you know you are in safe hands.  Contact Stewarts Solicitors directly on 0800 783 6125 quoting reference “HFS” for further information.