Brexit Commentary

Some of our clients are concerned about what the markets will bring against the background of Brexit decisions. Whereas these are uncertain times, our clients will have their investments aligned to the asset classes appropriate to the amount of risk they should be willing to take. Not all of their investment is exposed therefore. In […]


What is the Granny test?

While hunting woolly mammoths cavemen would often debate the role of financial advisors – what value do they deliver to clients? Okay, so the debate isn’t quite that old. But it is a perennial argument.   Sometimes picking investments and managing portfolios is the least important part of what an advisor does. The bulk of the […]


How is Ethical Investment Growing?

Ethical or socially responsible investment has been around since the early 80s. Over the last 30 years the market has continued to grow as businesses are under greater pressure to demonstrate social and environmental accountability. In the US socially responsible investing is well established and has grown by more than 22% in the past two […]


Six quirks of self-assessment tax returns

If you’re among 5m people still to file a tax return by January 31, read this first Online tax returns must be filed by January 31 Do I need to complete a form? Around 11 million people have to submit self-assessment forms before the January 31 deadline. You need to do one if you’re self-employed, […]


What will be your new state and private pension age – and how long will you live?

New data suggests life expectancy will fall, which affects your pension age – and also how you plan for retirement. The seemingly inexorable rise in the state pension age may finally be halted by unexpected falls in longevity. Figures shared with Telegraph Money and published last weekend show that if the Government sticks to its word, it […]


The best way to boost your state pension: should you top it up, or defer it?

In a few weeks’ time the Government’s unique state pension “top-up” goes on sale. It will offer men and women of a qualifying age the chance, for a limited time, to swap lump sum savings for an increase in their state pension – for life. It’s like an annuity except it offers more attractive rates […]


Let the taxman help pay for your life insurance

Are you a company director? Do you have life insurance in place to protect your family? If so you could be paying an unnecessary tax penalty. If you pay for this cover from your own bank account you will be paying from post-tax income, and if you are paying from the business account you will […]


Investment Overview reinforcing our view on mixed portfolios

July proved another eventful month for investors, to say the least.  Over the first fortnight or so, investors’ attention remained focused on developments in Greece, following the country’s failure to make a scheduled €1.5bn (£1.05bn) debt repayment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). High levels of uncertainty took their toll on share prices in the […]


Consolidating your retirement savings

Consolidation, Consolidation, Consolidation – keeping retirement savings under one umbrella If the key considerations for purchasing property are location, location, location; then for retirement and inheritance planning it could be all about consolidation, consolidation, consolidation! And sooner, rather than later. Consolidation while saving – can cut costs, simplify monitoring against retirement goals and help with […]


Looking after your employee’s health

The provision of private medical insurance (PMI) is one of the staple benefits larger corporations increasingly offer as a way of attracting and retaining staff.  Many employees now expect some level of private healthcare as part of their employment package.  Indeed, according to a report by Laing & Buisson, the number of private medical cover […]