Election 2015: an unexpected outcome

Financial markets reacted positively to the news the Conservative Party had won a slim majority in 2015’s General Election. A clear majority, however slender, should allow the elected party to enact government policy, while preventing a period of ambiguity while the terms of a coalition are negotiated. Investors had generally been expecting another hung parliament […]


Pensions Freedom – some Q&A’s to help your understanding

The breadth of the reforms means hardly any aspect of retirement finances is left unaltered. It’s an empowering period for investors – but also challenging. Everyone needs some knowledge of pensions and how they are changing.  The questions that follow are by no means exhaustive but I hope readers will be well equipped to benefit from the new, […]


ISA Time Again

It’s that time of year again and there’s ISA information everywhere!  It’s hard to cut through all the noise: Should you invest in cash or stocks and shares?  ‘Do it yourself’ or seek advice?  How do you decide what’s right for you? Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance and support and that’s where […]


Time is by far the biggest component to building wealth – don’t delay!

Are you a financial procrastinator? Does this sound familiar? You know all the sensible financial things you should be doing: saving for a rainy day, not spending more than you earn, paying off your credit card debt and investing the rest. It’s just you never seem to quite get round to it. It’s not that […]


Opportunities For Accountants

Later this year large numbers of small employers will reach their staging deadline for auto-enrolment. These businesses, all with 50 staff or less, will be under huge pressure to comply with complex rules and demanding administrative duties. The question for them is: ‘Who ya gonna call?’ There will be a multitude of small businesses that […]


Bringing Ethics into Investment

Ethically influenced purchasing decisions are now firmly established as part of everyday life.  The use of labels such as ‘fair trade’, ‘organic’, ‘ethically traded’, ‘recycled’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘low carbon emissions’ is on the increase, as both businesses and individuals recognise their benefits. The recent financial crisis has added to this by putting the spotlight on […]


Is your existing investment portfolio right for you?

Most people already have an investment portfolio, which by definition, is a collection of assets that intends to make a profit. However, many people struggle to answer a simple question.  Is their existing investment portfolio right for them?   To help you answer this, it’s worth considering these questions: Do you… •Clearly understand your financial […]


Effects of dying without a Will altered

The way your wealth is distributed if you die without a Will is changing on 1 October 2014. 1) Childless married couples and civil partners Until 30 September 2014 A surviving husband, wife or civil partner inherits the first £450,000. If the deceased is survived by parents, the spouse or civil partner keeps a life […]


Quick Recap of Current ISA Rules

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) entered a new phase from 1 July 2014.  Previously, ISA contributions for the 2014/15 tax year are capped at £11,880.  The entire amount could be invested in a stocks & shares ISA, or up to £5,940 could be saved into a Cash ISA. However, from 1 July 2014, the ‘New ISA’ […]


Auto-enrolment – more onerous than you thought?

For many large employers across the UK, implementing a Auto-enrolment was just the start and many firms who opted to take care of the ongoing requirements themselves, are now finding out just how onerous it is. Auto-enrolment is not a one off requirement and firms have many responsibilities to perform each and every month. However, […]